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There are many people who still consider website to be an extension of the print media, especially the advertisements. In fact these people have most probably have either never come across a website or not put in the effort to click the mouse and know the utility of the website. This write up is especially dedicated to these ignorant people.

Information: When an advertisement is in print, it is limited to a page or two. On the other hand the website information can run into multiple pages that can be accessed by just the click of the mouse. This sort of facility is not available in the print media.

Visual: The web design can be embedded with visuals such as images and even video and animation. This is not possible with print media.

Interaction: The web design can be customized and made interactive. The best example for this is the placing of the order and transferring the money from the buyers account to the sellers account. This leaves the print media far behind in the bushes. There are boxes for the visitors to express their feeling in the form of a feedback. In case of print media there is no way to receive the feedback except for the change that it brings in the market sales.

Flexibility: A website can be upgraded with the latest information but a print advertisement when once printed can never be changed.

Life Span: The life of the print advertisement is very less compared to that of a website. The life of the print advertisement lasts till the paper lasts, which is usually very limited. On the other hand the website life is as long as the business pays for hosting it on the internet. As time passes the colors of the print media fade but the color scheme of a web design remains the same.

Portability: It is only at portability that the print media has an edge over the website. Website is dependent on the computer, internet connection and electric power supply.

With the advent of lap top and penetration of the internet connection this loophole of the website media can be got rid of.
Choice: In case of website the visitor is facilitated with a number of alternatives at the click of the mouse. In case of print media the reader can neither change the layout nor know about a company whose information is not given on that page or paper.

Search: In case of websites, any website can be searched by just putting the key word in the search engine box and clicking the mouse, where as in case of print media one needs to scan through every page or at least the index. Searching a website is easier than searching for an advertisement in the print media.

It is clear from the above comparison that the websites have an edge above the print media advertisements. For optimizing the productivity of a website one needs to avail the services of a professional and experienced web design and development company.

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Web Design As Compared To Print

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This article was published on 2010/11/18