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As the saying goes, it is good to learn from your mistakes. In notepad printing, the same rule can apply really. In fact, beyond learning from your mistakes, you should learn from others. Fortunately for you, I am going to list down here seven examples of bad notepad printing practices. Just read each one by one and learn why it caused the notepads to fail miserably. Once you know this, you should be a lot wiser and better with your own style of notepad printing.

1. Using no colors at all Now this is a simple but very detrimental mistake. Using no colors at all in custom notepads and just printing black inked headers is almost akin to providing blank paper really. If you sell or giveaway notepads like this, chances are good that no one will really pick it up.

This happens simply because the custom notepads printed with no real colors are just not that interesting really. For a most, a blank notepad might be better than something that is plain like a non-colored custom notepad. So dont cheapen up your notepads, use some degree of color design to make it better.

2. Using cheap quality paper Another bad habit in notepad printing would be to use cheap quality paper. While the need to save money is important, the need for quality notepads should typically be more urgent. When people see cheap looking notepads, they do not really pay attention to it. It is like they are seeing a simple run of the mill commercial notepad that they see in office supply stores.

However, it is really different if you print full color notepads with great quality glossy paper. The better the paper, the more people will want to keep it the notepad as their own. Youll get more sales or more marketing done with good quality notepads, so try to spend on great materials for notepad printing whenever possible.

3. Bad binding decisions Another thing that can cause notepads to fail are bad binding decisions. Again, being cheap here does not pay off. If you spent cheaply on simple rubber adhesive binding, you see your notepads basically falling apart after just a few months. People do not like it too much and most already know which binding types will probably break apart easily.

So always try to have your notepads bound in the best possible way. Ring binding is one of the best things you can use, followed by perfect binding with tear off perforation for each notepad page. This should help make the color notepad be functional and useful for a long time.

4. No market research A big bad habit when it comes to printing notepads for marketing is doing no kind of market research. If you do not do your homework and research, a lot of the decisions that you will be making in notepad printing and design will have higher chances of failure. You do not want that of course. So make sure that you take the time and do your research for notepad printing.

5. Improper size Printing notepads in the improper size typically happens to most amateurs. When this happens, most of the notepads printed will become less useful as people may find the notepads too big or too small for their uses. That is why it is important to not just use any notepad template. Based on your research, determine the best sized color notepad that would be most useful for your market. The more adapted the size is, the more successful your notepads should be.

6. No guiding text lines Many designers will forget the text line guides in their design for notepads. While not all people need those lines, most people want to see those when they buy or get certain notepads. Those lines are pretty useful and people of course want to always get complete and useful notepads for their tasks. So never forget to put in guiding text lines when possible.

7. No memorable element Finally, custom notepads fail sometimes because no memorable element was added to its design. A memorable element can be the use of glitter inks, or maybe even special paper or even special symbols. As long as it is distinct and great looking, the notepads will just not become a simple tool, it becomes a special memory or memento. Without these kinds of elements, your notepads will not really amount to anything. So make sure you add something really memorable in your notepad printing.

Great! Hopefully now, you have learned a lot about failing in notepad printing and avoiding those failures to achieve success. Good Luck!
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Things To Avoid In Notepad Printing

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This article was published on 2011/01/28