The History of Screen Printing and Its Many Benefits Today

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Screen printing is a printmaking technique used to create images onto a variety of surfaces including silk, cotton, linen, and paper. This technique was created in China and first used during the Song Dynasty between the years 960 and 1279 AD. It was introduced to Europe in the late 1700s. Over time, this unique craft has gone through many innovative changes and has been used for a wide variety of purposes including for artistic expression, promotional use, and individual expression.


The growing popularity of screen printing throughout history has led to its prominence as a versatile technique that serves a broad array of uses. For instance, in the United States, Andy Warhol popularized the technique with his artistic depiction of Marilyn Monroe using serigraphy. Serigraphy is the term used to differentiate screen printing used for artistic purposes instead of for commercial use.


In 1960, Michael Vasilantone created a machine to be used specifically in the creation of customized garments using the screen printing technique. Vasilantone's machine caught on like wildfire. As a result, customized apparel currently accounts for over half of the use of the screen printing technique. Modern-day methods use advanced techniques that allow for quicker production as well as more enhanced coloring from digitalized images.


Companies make up a large percentage of customized apparel. Used as effective advertising tools, custom t-shirts, polo shirts, jackets and hats are worn by employees and given to the public for promotional purposes. By utilizing the services of an experienced printing shop to create apparel that includes a company's name and logo, businesses have the opportunity to gain much greater public exposure. At promotional events, enterprises make use of custom clothing to advertise new products or services.


Custom apparel is also used widely by sports teams, performance groups, school clubs, and many other organizations. Custom t-shirts create a sense of team unity. Such apparel also helps to promote upcoming events. Groups such as fraternities and sororities, religious organizations, and other institutions often use personalized clothing for the same purposes.

Custom clothing offers an excellent way for individuals to express themselves. With personalized t-shirts, people can share their beliefs, hobbies, sense of humor and interests with other people. The possible uses for custom clothing are endless. No matter what your purpose is for utilizing the screen printing technique, you will be able to find designs or create your own image and text to meet your goals.


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The History of Screen Printing and Its Many Benefits Today

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This article was published on 2011/05/16