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International Financial Crisis trend confusing, unpredictable future, today, more and more Chinese printing companies are beginning to realize, to survive global competition and development, more advantages and capabilities, rather than simply blindly cut costs, the most important is the overall profitability of printing and dyeing enterprise, simple language, that is, by what means to make money. It should be noted, as early as ten years ago, "information explosion" of the shock wave, has made many of the Chinese printing enterprises for capital operations, information value, outsourced processing, OEM, optimize the industrial chain and value chain restructuring, CRM, and other new and old meaning of the term and excited to make money on behalf of more IT (Information Technology), BT (biotechnology), nanotechnology and indulge.

However, to date, there are several enterprises and has set up its own sustainable development capacity? Some enterprises have paid a heavy price, but nothing or only got a reputation for emptiness, and even some companies in this "non-assertive" and "reform" in the loss of basic survival course up, but the key problem is lack of effective profit model.

In a modern market-oriented strategy in the range of profitability, in a word, profitable company that is printing the money, talent, technology, brand, external resources and other factors subtly and organically integrated and to unique value creation business model is a dynamic organic system. Some popular parlance, is this make money, make money and is sustainable. Who successfully meet the challenges and opportunities the financial crisis, access to continuous profit, survival and development of printing and dyeing enterprise, has this feature.

Overall profitability of strategic thinking Dyeing core business strategy of rapid development is in fact a unique profitable business model to make money, although thousand of a thousand faces, every enterprise has its own development strategy for profitable make money, but still is a fundamental aspect, namely "to develop and constantly evolving printing occupied large market. " Specific segment, you can find five mutually reinforcing tracks.

First track, as soon as possible into the evolving big market, so that it can become a printing industry standard of "good", "excellent" products, promote new market. As the printing and dyeing enterprises

their different stages of development, even in the same printing market, the same printing and dyeing industry, different companies differ in the understanding of the differences, leading to a number of companies and new technologies, new products pass .

Second track, the continuous improvement of new products on a regular basis out of old products. The birth of new printing products printing and dyeing breakthrough from the emergence of new technologies and global continuous technological progress.

In printing and dyeing industry in the development of new products, improvements, replace the old product is not imaginary, but in certain technology-driven under the conditions of. Therefore, printing and dyeing technology business opportunities to the scientific and technological opportunities, of course, it needs the appropriate capital strength to support entrepreneurs need to be excavated, and the direct effect of the patent.

Third track, and promote mass Sell Signed exclusive supply contracts to ensure that our products become or continue to be the industry standard.

Fourth track, full of new products and related products as the standard supplier advantage. Article
track, integrate, expand and simplify the product to enter a new mass market.
Profit point, line, area integration is profitable core. To this end, enterprises not only to integrate the internal value chain, and focus on the management of the enterprise value creation, we must grasp the profit point, but also to ensure that the profit line, open up the profit zone, which is essential for growth and market share have different combination of product mix or industry in order to achieve the maximization of corporate value. Combination depends on the composition of the balance of cash flow and long-term strategic objectives.

"Zhen Xing Cup" 2009 China Top Ten selection screen printing special awards ceremony

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Space Dyeing And Printing Industry In China, Where Is Profit? - Printing - Screen Printing Industry,

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