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You can make simple inserts easily if done the right way so take time in creating this business masterpiece. Insert printing takes a bit of time off what you normally do with your business but remember that advertising helps in attracting better potential clients, one that may have stronger chances to buy or try your service.
Here are simple steps in creating those simple inserts:
1) Find professionals to do the work for you. They are not called professionals for nothing so tap that powerful skill. These individuals know what they are doing so start looking for them before you even start the printing process.

• Designer
Find a designer that has experience on inserts. They also must have a background on business or sales. These people will be your reason in creating art that will attract your customers so be sure that you are picking the right person for the job. They should have a general knowledge on color psychology, advertising and language.
• Photographer
A photograph explains what you want to relay without having to say anything and this will be a bit difficult if your chosen pictures are not a bit in tune with what you really want to convey. Remember that photographers are like doctors wherein they have specializations so find one that caters to your specific need.
• Printer
Your project is a form of print and so you must look for a printer that can make quality out puts in a reasonable price but still with quality service. Ask around and make a background check your potential printers, make sure people rave about their service and not ranting about it. Check online or ask past clients. The better informed you are the more you can find the right printer for you. Keep in mind to check as well the printer's available options, the wider the better.
2) What is your budget?
Your financial capabilities are an important factor in choosing your printers and other professionals too. Are you sure you can afford prints for that number of target customers? Can you afford the professionals? Keep in mind your rate of investment and weigh in the costs and gains.
3) What is on your mind?
Have you mapped out your ideas? Do you have a general sense on how you want your inserts to look like?
• colors
Choosing colors will probably take a while. You need to consider colors that will attract people to read it but will still blend or coordinate with your pictures and text, so carefully pick the right ones. If it has taken you forever to pick even just one, go find a designer to help you. They will surely know which one to pick.
• font type
Pick a simple font that is understandable but different from the regular ones (times new roman and arial). Avoid the over designed fonts that people have to look at closely just to understand.
• font size
Because inserts are normally a single page document, your fonts must not be too big or else it will be too much and you have very limited text to place. Avoid stuffing in too much text by making your fonts smaller though because it may not be too visible and readers wouldn't read it anymore.
4) Get those quality prints now. After finally having everything drawn go give it to the printers for printing. Remember to let them know your specifications like your colors, layout and paper sizes.

The better your prints the better results you get so make sure your inserts are done well. Insert printing is a good service to tap for your business so take time to find a good printing service.

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Simple Inserts

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This article was published on 2011/07/17