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Survey, China Screen Printing Industry by manufacturers several types of product order: signs and panels, textiles and clothing, plastic sheets, advertising materials, printed circuit, light boxes. Screen printing to some emerging areas of extraordinary rate, such as building materials, card, CD, security printing and so on.

1. Advertising printing Screen printing in the commercial market will have more, some large companies, especially electric company, tobacco company to promote its image very seriously the role of advertising. Advertising time and to some extent determine the quality of the company's share of the market. So all kinds of electrical advertising, packaging, advertising, outdoor advertising, advertising to the screen printing provides a wide space. In the commercial competition, since a large outdoor advertising wide perspective, effective and taken seriously. Therefore, our screen printing large color outdoor advertising along with the development of commercial advertising, the increasing volume showed large, cheap, colorful, long storage, fast delivery and other advantages, more and more cities are planning department , Advertising Management Accreditation, attracted a lot of advertisers.

2. Packaging and Printing Screen printing industry, packaging industry is the main target, screen printing technology continues to develop applications that will better serve the packaging and decorating industry for packaging and decorating industry to contribute to a more prosperous, but also for the screen printing industries and the broader market. Such as the Indian high-end boxes, bottles, cigarette packets, wine bag side.

Particularly large packaging and product decoration, the same as the goods enter the market, appeared in front of customers. If the case of large electrical appliances with a beautiful silk screen printing process, these large decorative shell products anywhere, shopping malls, will be favored by the customers, play an irreplaceable packaging advertising advocacy role. Large packaging and product color printing is a very easy case, large color screen printing of the development so large carton packaging and large electrical appliances decorative shell color image for the product to increase the bright colors, the development of this project with dazzling bright prospects. With the continuous development of computer technology, a variety of software emerging, in particular, education, culture and entertainment, television movies and a variety of publications, increasing the output of CD discs.

This CD disc logo, images, text printing is 90% of the way using screen printing. Screen printing equipment, low investment, low cost, convenient plate, suitable for CD, and more varieties of printing features.

3. Handicraft printing With the western development and rural urbanization, tile production line to increase the momentum. It is estimated that the product may be consumed daily in the country 10 000 Silk Screen. In addition, China is a ceramic power, in addition to meet the large demand for domestic but also exported to more than 150 countries and regions, thus Ceramic Decal Screen Printing Screen Printing Industry in China, important.

2003, the imitation of natural stone series ceramic tile concern. Dual-pressure technology, the new series has a slate, marble and other natural appearance and texture can be done in different departments and regions, and has uneven texture. Currently only five manufacturers in the world with this technology. Each tile in line with the golden section proportion visually comfortable. In production using the latest inkjet technology, the tile surface with good gloss, which is a screen-printing technology, and products do not touch, through accurate inkjet system to print images to the four sides, without trimming. The use of advanced technology, designers are more realistic pattern pen, even a fine display of the tile. Combined with the latest screen printing technology, ceramic tile has gone beyond the original concept of public health, and life tiles, ceramic tiles and stylish closer together.

4. Circuit printing Screen printing in the electronics industry share of 80%. Such as the production of a television, a lot of places to use screen-printing, screen (PALC) and other large flat panel display devices become increasingly inseparable from the development of screen printing. If POP board by the applied voltage to the xenon gas to discharge, issued by the ultraviolet light to the fluorescent body, the converted into visible light. Such as the use of screen printing and mass production of 40-type class board, next door width can reach 30 m. Such as high definition television (HDTV), 40 type-level panel, asked about his next door width of 50 m, gap accuracy of 200 m, also need to screen printing solution.
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Screen Printing Applications

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This article was published on 2010/09/30