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These days, printing something is as easy as just going to your home office, typing something up on a word processor and then printing it out, easy! Few people stop to consider how much technology had to evolve before desktop printers stated appearing in people's offices and in their homes. Technology really has evolved quite a lot since the beginning of recorded history. Desktop personal computers were barely a realized concept 30 years ago, but these days people simply could not live without the convenience of having a computer at home.

Earlier concepts

Early history has shown that there have been many attempts by man to mass produce the written word and is quite a lot of evidence of it all over the world. Numerous artifacts contain writing being mass produced in different mediums from different time period and different cultures all over the world. Since long ago, they understood the importance to the sharing of ideas and the free flow of information. This they knew would be the key to improvement and modernization and there have been an infinite number of attempts, some more successful than others. The invention of paper was the cornerstone at which printing had evolved from. With the development of durable and cheap paper, there started a revolution in writing and crude printing methods.

Traditionally printed items

With the advent of modern machinery also came the development of more modern printing methods as well. All of the massed produced works and papers have been printed by machine printers from within the last few centuries. These days it is difficult to find an office or a house without a printer. There are some things that traditional printers are still commissioned for though and some of them include the calendar 2011, wedding invitations and magazines. These different types of projects all use different or more specialized printing methods. Printing a calendar 2011, or magazines or wedding invitations may still be possible with desktop printers but they usually have mediocre results. Different printing methods that simply cannot be done with desktop printing are what is required of a calendar 2011 or wedding invitations project and so traditional printers fit the bill.

Specialty needs

When working on a calendar 2011 as with magazines, it is very important that the printing machine can handle a bulk load as these items are usually printed with bigger batches. A calendar 2011 for example will have a lot of design and production work before hitting the printer while wedding invitations on the other hand rely on quality instead of quantity and little details and paper type is what is important when working with wedding invitations, so different tasks require different printing methods and the desktop printer is not the solution for all printing needs yet.

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Printing Made Easy

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This article was published on 2010/12/03