Postcards For Printing Your Way Into History

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There were times when the people preferred to use postcards, or call these postal cards, for sending the messages to the others. These provided a cheap and convenient mode of communication as compared to writing letters. Postcards and postal cards are distinguished on the basis of who is making these. The former are printed by the private companies and these do not carry the printed stamp on it. Whereas, the latter are printed by the postal authorities of the country and these usually carry some stamp on it. Postcards are not put in the envelopes and these are sent as these are. The messages written on these can be read by any person since these are open to everyone.

Companies print the postcards of various themes, just as these print the wall calendars. But, it does require that the law allows for same. In most of the countries, the law does not allow the private printing for commercial or personal use, but in some other countries this is permissible. Companies use the printed items for their promotional purposes. Whether these are wall calendars or banners or even personalised mugs, companies make use of these items for promoting their brand name. Since these items are used by people by varied cross sections of society, these form excellent medium of spreading the word about your company, its products, services, contact details, concerns and much more.

Postcards are also a peep into history. With various themes depicted on these, one can imagine the type of people, cultures and other places or things that were there in the past. These are also the things which are used by the collectors to make for their wonderful collection. With some of these in your hand you can even make out how has printing evolved over a period of time? From black and white to the modern day colours, from screen printing to digital one, from hand-painted ones which compromised quality finishes to the modern computerised ones which provided great finishes, the change is unmistakable. 

The other items of print, whether paper or fabric based, have not been favoured by collectors since these do not serve any educative purpose. However, the canvas prints developed by artists could be really expensive. These are art works. However, their artworks are in the painted form which can even be converted into the digital format for using these as post cards. This way the name of that person gets etched into history.

So far as the printing technology is concerned, while it is possible to make use of digital printing on different surfaces to get the personalised designs made on these, there is an unmistakeable difference in quality or how the prints get developed on different surfaces. The canvas prints need more ink since it is absorbed by the fabric to a good degree. There might even be some colour fadedness. These are differences to take note of while printing on different surfaces.

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Postcards For Printing Your Way Into History

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Postcards For Printing Your Way Into History

This article was published on 2011/05/11