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The eternal theme of printing the transmission and reproduction of color, how different color control technology, making the current commonly used in color offset printing to restore the image quality better improve, is the challenge for domestic enterprises. Paper summarizing the world's most advanced control technology offset printing color images based on the development of the printing industry in our country situation and characteristics of the proposed new point of view, the color control technology for the future research direction pointed out.

Widely regarded as offset printing because it is a principle which makes the inevitable instability printing. Ink in the "oil" and the ink tank in the "water" is not always expected by the people as well integrated, so for printer manufacturers and suppliers of consumer goods, we must continue to struggle to control the entire process process. Printers and printing products for buyers, this means that only a long process of checking the status of the last to reach a compromise, that is to "commercially acceptable quality" and not be foreseen in advance of printing quality.

But this situation has changed. Currently in the printing and publishing the application of digital technology is key to their success. Digital technology makes the quality control and consistency of color control is no longer a very technical thing. Such as reduced plate making process CTP volatile uncertainty. Now the version of child exposure, can determine the 3 months after the re-plate when the plates are exactly the same.

Current press already have good control performance. In the press, the auxiliary device will be less loaded version of uneven pad caused the problem, temperature-controlled rollers exclude some other uncertain factors. Several common color of the current control method is as follows.

1 ICC-based color control file method

To the United States, Reader's Digest, for example, their magazine has 48 versions in 19 languages around the world issued more than 60 countries in Europe there are 20 versions. In addition to magazines, they also include the book, including release of other products such as music, videos and other special products. As they expand distribution and delivery methods, the company has accordingly expanded the scope of their print products, including electronic media and traditional print media.

Images printed materials printed in Reader's Digest all the tasks of printing establishments, which involves a lot of duplication of effort and expense. Different printing sites has made different versions of the image quality control is almost impossible to achieve, color management was a problem. Differences in color quality and appearance of inconsistency from the serious tone color deviation will occur. To this end, in order to avoid similar problems with a ColourSystems. This is a website dedicated to management of Reader's Digest version of all documents in Europe. Including library files, product documentation, images and graphics. Company established a new working process to ensure that different between the media and printing consistency. Different places in Europe, operators can use a special URL and password to enter the site to ensure print consistency.

ColourSystems handling drum scanner input RGB image. Each scan will use a scan calibration ICC files (also known as the ICC device file), the color of the image into SRD (a good choice of Reader's Digest) of the CMYK color space. When necessary, the scanner's control in accordance with established procedures and documents to do regular maintenance and inspection. This ensures the input of the original image and the final output image color and ink features are up to standard, ensuring to achieve color reproduction in printing and matching.

2 FM network control method combined with color color

These changes have aroused the people of the FM network and other network technology, plus interest. For example, Agfa's Sublima presumption of a printing press on the study can be replicated the same minimum stable dot size. If the network size is 60 m, it can show 150lpi screen lines in 6% of the network or 250lpi screen lines in 8% of the network. Under normal circumstances, this means that the printing press limited to lower resolutions. Use Sublima, you can not try to print smaller than the smallest network printer, but less than 6% reduction in the region of the network to achieve greater number of high-profile part. This impact has been immediate, printers can print more surprises than expected as cable, high-profile look brighter in the middle part of the level tone richer.

Creo at promoting the use of FM screening people first step, but it is not just simply focus on the very small dot on the printing quality, it also promote consistency in the size of its network allows a balanced oil and water distribution the application. This result better, more consistent control of printing, to reduce the amount of ink, the printing process could be better controlled. This is the long version of the web offset printing in terms of critical, which is 40% of the magazine in the United States use the FM network printing reasons. Polestar started with web offset printing plant in its use Creo's Stacatto FM network, FM network also began printing the magazine in the UK use.

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Offset Printing Image Color Control Technologies

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