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First, Vista rules Any screen printing business, no matter the scale of how, in the industry at what position, there should be a viable long-term goal planning, and in accordance with the long-term planning to start marketing activities, while not completely fall into the blind pursuit of Among the immediate interests of the quagmire.

Our screen printing business, through repeated integration, still many. Many enterprises are facing risks and opportunities, and even more risks than opportunities. Survival as the first issue, was placed in front of many screen printing companies. Therefore, many screen printing business operators that priority is survival, first fill the stomach, and then select the direction. As a result, price wars come and go, blindly follow the trend of new product development.

Survival is, the problem is that you can digest? It also harm than good?
If the answer is negative, then the company's situation is very dangerous. No long-term plan, even if it through today, tomorrow they will be faced with the problem of food and clothing, energy consumption will be looking to swallow food or even those that are not nutritious and difficult to digest things, so that competitors may soon be left behind . The long-term goals of screen printing business, every step forward and step in to successfully close.

Survival and establish long-term goal planning are not contradictory. On the contrary, a good long-term planning also help us to better survival.

Second, abandoning rules Screen printing market in China in recent years the status quo, screen printing business to know how to give up, learn to give up. Most screen printing companies in China, having given up some of the product category, to give up some of the regional market, specializing in one or several regional markets, one or a few product categories, will be greater chances of success.

Had a screen printing companies to enter foreign markets in Hubei Province and the process, taking into account the market in Hubei Province and has been a British private control and the actual situation of enterprises powerful decisively abandoned the market in Hubei Province and will be mainly resources to switch to other cities in Hubei, success in one fell swoop, Hubei Province and captured soon after taking advantage of the market. If the company does not know how to begin to give up, much smaller chance of success should. On the contrary, an ink manufacturer in Guangdong in a situation of limited resources, not willing to give up, Tandaqiuquan hastily in Hubei Province to vigorously promote their products within a moment the limelight is actually very Sheng, but did not take long to stop clamoring.

To give up in order to better ownership. An enterprise's resources are limited, what wants to seize, what wants to be, ultimately nothing.

Third, perception rules Market competition is not only a product of competing, but also a sense of competing. Many companies that sell the best product certainly the best, at least so long-term trend. Really true? As long as we look at two examples to clear.

First, Hubei, Guangdong, an ink into the market, is determined to produce the most advanced printing ink to, and may result is not always recognized by the printing factory.

Again gilt. Mature foreign markets, the price is high but the gilt market is very small, and have been pointed out that for much less than the value of gold foil. But the tipping machine sales in China are "smooth." Why? The reason is simple: hot stamping its "beauty" of the features, a high profile.

As a screen printing business, superior product quality is the basic guarantee of product management, careful analysis, mining, and guide the consumer market demand, consumer demand and product interest to find the combination of points and great efforts to develop, to gain more market products good awareness of product management is the top priority.

Fourth, leaders rule Across the step, is another first.
Produce better products than competitors, Provide better service than the competition, take over competitors, a printing company has been striving for. This is the best way? In fact, the first impression on people's minds than to convince people that your product is superior to that pioneered the market much easier.

E'nan there are two screen printing business, a screen printing factory is Wei Wei, Xing Portal is printed on another plant. Wei Wei screen printing factory in Hubei Province and of an old factory was originally sold to his boss; Hing Fat is the new enterprise. Hing Fat early days has been talking "to Wei Wei's" slogan, has indeed taken the first two years following the policy. Meanwhile, the Hing Fat also tried the advanced technology and services to catch up with Wei Wei, but has not be successful enough. Later, Hing Fat blade of a switch in the network printing package to make an effort to focus on large-scale promotion of screen printing on the packaging, the results will soon open the market, opened a new era in the history of Hing Fat.

Innovation is simple, the difficulty is to use the innovation to create a new field, and become the first in this field. So, be sure to remember that "truth."

5, step rule Consumers buy a product in the consumer market, the normally optional in the heart of a portfolio, the portfolio of its various products according to consumer preference for big to small arranged in a sequence.

Screen printing business to do first is to make their products into the consumer market an optional product sequence, and then according to their own products in the sequence, the position occupied, to develop specific business strategies. Different position in the sequence of business strategy should also be different.

A relatively good business strategy is to choose: selection of products in the first place defense strategy, the second choice of products to improve strategic position, the third position of the product selection flank outflanking tactics, and other products, select the guerrilla strategy .

6, frank rule Present, China is in the high-speed screen printing market development stage, are not mature consumer market is not mature. This time, printing enterprises, particularly to achieve sustainable development of screen printing business, uphold the integrity of law becomes more important. Because the market will mature sooner or later, consumers will be more rational. Temporary disadvantage was not terrible, frankly, as long as the business out of weakness is likely to also become your advantage.

7, aggregation rules
Market operation is the key to aggregation. Through to the focus on the concept of a simple word, so that their products quickly into the consumer market, after all, a good business track. Currently, many screen printing companies have realized this and are working together, but the remote's screen printing business on the lack of many, this may in the choice of strategy and corporate self-evaluation about. In fact, relatively speaking, more use of aggregation rules in remote
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Network Ten Indian Market Operation Rules - Screen Printing Market, Screen Printing Business -

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