Managed print services – common myths

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Just a decade ago, not many people had heard of managed print services (MPS). As the need for hosted services across all industries grows however; so does the awareness and understanding of the MPS industry. Despite the advancements, there are still many common misconceptions and even blatant mistruths surrounding the industry – these can cause many companies to be hesitant of utilising MPS solutions, especially when they do not fully understand how these services actually work.

Some of the most popular myths around the managed print services industry include the following:

  • MPS Misconception 1: Printing does not harm the environment


This is one of the most popular misconceptions in the managed print services industry, which gives many companies the excuse to not bother with sustainable printing practices, since they want to believe that printing is not such a huge threat to the environment at all. Unfortunately, this is not true – studies have proven that conventional printing is one of the biggest threats from an environmental point of view, with the paper industry being one of the biggest consumers of virgin forests in the world. The ink production process is not much better either, with pollution and many other factors causing many conscientious consumers to choose organic or vegetable inks over harsh chemical inks.


  • MPS Misconception 2: Managed print services cost too must to justify implementation


Another common managed print services misconception; this is also a common excuse to avoid spending any money on implementing a good strategy. Interestingly enough however, changing print practices to a greener method actually ends up saving companies a lot of money on a long term basis, by reducing waste and reducing printing costs throughout the business. Outsourcing an expert MPS company may cost a slight amount in monthly fees, but this is minute when you ponder the huge sum that you end up saving once your MPS company shows you how to regulate your print output.


  • MPS Misconception 3: Managed print services do not need to be outsourced to experts


Yet another misconception that also happens to be an attempt to cut down on costs, this seldom ends up working effectively. Just as you wouldn't try a DIY job to fix an injury or to perform your dental requirements, you should not be trying a DIY job to sort out your printing – except you have the software, skills and understanding that qualified MPS experts hold. You may be able to cut back on your printing, but without the high quality tools, tracking and proficiency, you would end up spending most of your time trying to regulate your print demands, rather than doing your actual job. Rather than hiring someone solely to handle your printing needs internally, it would make much more sense to hire an outsourced managed print services expert who can help you make the most of your printing practices, saving you time and money in the long term.


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Managed print services – common myths

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This article was published on 2011/05/06