Best Printing Options Made For Notepad Printing

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Let me give you an insight into the real notepad printing choices that professional people make. If you want your custom notepads to really look great, you will want to use all the options that I will tell you about here. So prepare yourself and read carefully all the notepad printing options listed down below. I am going to tell you how they help improve custom notepads so that you can use them for your own prints.

1. Hard back cover First up, a good printing option for your custom notepads is a hard back cover. While other notepads do not need an extra back cover to be functional, most professionals who print custom notepads do employ them. This not only helps protect the last page from dirt or grime from the table, but it also helps people write their notes on a flat surface. So in fact, a hard back cover should be almost mandatory for every professional notepad printing that you will see.

2. Adhesive tear-off binding Another notepad printing option that all professionals use is the option to use adhesive tear off binding. While ring binding and stitch binding can often be faster to do and easier to tear off, they also look a lot messier. That is why most professionals prefer adhesive tear off binding since it looks better and still is easy to tear of. So make sure that you hire a notepad printing company that does offer tear off adhesive binding.

3. Smooth paper materials Another ideal option for notepad printing are smooth paper materials for the notepad pages themselves. It does not have to be glossy as this can affect some pens and pencils, but it should also not be too rough. There are plenty of smooth type but not glossy paper materials out there that should look good for your custom notepads. Just ask your notepad printing company if they do carry some smooth paper materials for notepad printing. As long as it does not look too cheap, you should be ok.

4. Full color design elements Of course, even if you are just printing notepads, it does not mean that you do not need color. You will need full color notepads if you want those notepad prints to look great and impressive to the people you are giving them too. All the logos and additional images should be rendered in full color whenever possible, and sometimes even the text can have a little color as well. Just make sure though that all the colors do not clash with each other and ruin the whole theme of your custom notepads.

5. Additional cover Finally, it is good to invest in the option of adding an additional cover for your notepads. A cover in front of your notepads can be a great place to write in more of your main message for giving away or selling those notepads. It is also a good protective measure to make sure that the first page of your custom notepads does not deteriorate quicker than the rest. Just ask your printer if they can offer this for you.

So those are your best choices for notepad printing. Make sure you take note of each item above and see if you can spend on those items in your next batch of notepads. Investing in these options is well worth it, so try to get them when possible.
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Best Printing Options Made For Notepad Printing

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This article was published on 2011/02/23