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As the gravure and offset printing in different ways, so if the scan printed material, there will be very different. Representative of the difference is as follows:

Outline of the text field Field offset part of the network because of need, so the outline of the printed word and the bottom plate of the same smooth; but gravure printing method, whatever the occasion, need ink tanks, so the outline of the text and because of this slot (slot into an independent the point) the existence become jagged. In order to make the jagged as small as possible, we must consider the appropriate way plate.

Ground swimming Ministry of Ink This phenomenon is the use of low viscosity when the ink gravure unique. Groove depth of field depth of ink transferred to paper and the substrates, the lack of uniform concentration, the concentration slightly uneven phenomenon. In response, adjust the viscosity of ink, ink tank point of view (screen view), groove depth and shape of changes, etc..

Hue changes Same printing ink, but ink film thickness is different hue will be different. In offset printing, the outlets of different sizes, in principle, ink film thickness is constant (strictly speaking, different). However, in gravure printing methods, especially the depth of the level of performance with the tank, because the depth changes, changes in ink film thickness, so as the level changes occurring in the offset in the hue does not need to consider changes. However, the same way with a deep, difficult to place this phenomenon. This phenomenon, by any manner of color proofing, printing machine will appear and produce the same problem of chromatic aberration.

Electrostatic effect Gravure ink due to the use of high volatile, flammable solvents and strong, so pay special attention to fire safety. Electrostatic transfer of the ink has a significant impact. As the electrostatic, ink overflow Imaging and hinder the transfer of inks. However, good use of electrostatic devices dwell on the transfer of ink is very effective.

Plate and sampling methods And than before, in film production in the bottom plate does not require continuous adjustment of bottom plate, and offset plate making methods and different ways. Production networks in particular, bottom plate, sampling can be used as offset printing Proofer As particularly vulnerable, and shorten the process.

Previous methods, with and in the production of printing machines produced version of the process to make use of drum sampling, special proofer with gravure printing. However, proofer and production printing environment is not the same machine, printing quality is a difference. Now, to get good quality printing products and satisfactory results, but also in the production of machines for proofing. If the print quality satisfaction, we use as a full plate.

Recently, has used digital plate making, in order to develop the non-film-based, multi-use digital color proofing Printer . Publication gravure printing plate and color proofing publication gravure printing plate, from the bottom plate is made to the make-up process, and offset plate making process and quality Management Identical. Thus, for gravure work, if needed, can also become offset printing.

Its plate-making methods, as Offset, as a way into making film bottom plate and full plate of data produced using digital methods. Bottom plate with a film produced by color proofing, starting from the bottom plate with PS version Production proofing plates, the same as offset printing for proofing. About proofing inks, and gravure have considered using the same ink color ink. However, as mentioned earlier, if the printing is different, with different ink characteristics, it is difficult to achieve consistent color reproduction.

In the use of digital color proofing printer for proofing methods, maintain and gravure ink of the consistency of color reproduction more difficult. This is because the use of the printer market, almost all of the goal to offset the use of the color reproduction range of color material even if the use of color matching technology, make every effort to meet as far as possible Offset printing ink The color reproduction range, but difficult to achieve a clear sense of feeling and concentration of gravure ink color reproduction. Which also have good dye Ink jet Printers, but the short and printed in different ways, and has been printed and is based on different printers using special paper, so the choice of printer, it is necessary to decide in accordance with satisfactory results.

Packaging gravure printing plate and color proofing
Packing plate and plate-making method of publishing the same, but if published in and was printed on with different Plastic Film, the multi-use spot color inks, usually 6-color, 7-color printing. Therefore, in the plate to consider these requirements in the printing plate, which is printed and published in different places.

Packaging printed pieces of the picture is usually the same make-up printing, but carried out in the plate Single plate, color proofing is carried Single. Sampling problems, it can be said and published in the same situation, but the corresponding problem on the spot colors more. Proofing in the printing, you can correspond with the spot color ink, but the use of color printers, and only use the basic ink with performance. Such occasions, can not expect too much quality.

As noted above, plate-specific plate in the packaging software, there are (1) multi-format make-up function; (2) No connector ring connected with video capabilities; (3) spot colors with color separation function; (4) Trapping function (and the idea of printing the corresponding displacement, drawing the outline of a little overlap, especially in the film printing) and so on.

Roller plate and the machine version
No matter how good the film negatives and digital plate data, if they can not guarantee the accuracy of the printing drum sound, it can not guarantee the quality of printed matter. This printed version of the various forms that the intaglio printing is the most stringent. The following is from a drum made of the preparation to the final process of printing and processing machines to spend the content.

Drum Drum substrate is generally iron pipe, the reason is cheap, strong. From tens of kilograms of weight (with packaging-related) to hundreds of kilograms (and published materials related), according to different purposes, some nearly a ton. Recently, the use of aluminum, and then recently, the plastic is also used in the manufacture of packaging rollers.

Iron pipe wall thickness from 20mm to 300mm, large-diameter cylinder walls thicker. No roller axis (with packaging) or a shaft.

Copper cylinder
No matter what the substrate, the new production base drum surface should be copper. The copper layer and the corrosion layer is not carved, but made with the copper coating roller precision. For example, as the accuracy of 10 or less in diameter, 10 or less in parallel rollers, copper thickness of 600 . In the copper plating layer is usually required for corrosion and engraving copper layer, the thickness of different patterns according to version, about 80 or so. When using the engraving method
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Analysis: Gravure And Offset Printing Quality Means More - Gravure, Offset Printing - Printing

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