7 Reasons Printing Delivers Results

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Now, more than ever, print allows users to achieve their targeted results.  However, the starting point has to be knowing what results you want.  Too many times people are caught off guard when asked the simple question, “What is the purpose of this print project?”  Occasionally, the answer to that question sends the project back to the drawing board.  Once you know what you want to achieve – print alone, or in combination with other channels, it is still the one tool that can give you a precise reach with measurable results. Below are seven ways print is more relevant than ever, even in the world of the internet and social media.

1.  Print is the face of your business. Print is often the first channel of introducing readers to your brand. An effective print ad is a non obtrusive buffer between the reader and the advertiser. The idea of your company in the reader’s mind starts here.

2. Print gets you noticed. Ever wonder why some of the most successful retail websites get traffic and others languish?  Many, if not most, of the high traffic sites have realized print is still the instigator of driving people to their sites.  A website cannot make a person turn on their computer and find them.  Catalogs, mailers and postcards, keep a website top-of-mind and remind the consumer where to shop.  Ever notice how many ‘online’ retailers you receive mail from? Even social media powerhouses like Facebook, Google and Linkedin send mail touting their advertising effectiveness.

3. Reading print is single-tasking. It is easy to imagine today’s consumer watching tv, with a computer on their lap, and a phone held up to their ear.  Electronic media lends itself to being used in combination other forms of communication.  Holding something in your hand and reading it requires more focus, whether it is for a few moments or a few seconds.

4.  Print brings you business leads. Print can be your silent sales person that effectively drives leads to your company. With highly targeted mailings a company can automate the process of delivering leads to their sales team.

5.  Print takes users online. Print can be the bridge that entices the consumer to find out more about you.  According to the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, 47.2 percent of shoppers are most likely to start an online search after viewing a printed ad.

6. Readers are warm to print. People are not threatened by a print.  They know they can pick it up and put it down at their own pace.  Now it is up to you to have something in their hand that they do not want to put down.

7. It is easy to pass around and along. When you are holding something interesting, or cool, in your hand and the first urge is to show someone else.

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Jim David is a President Emeritus of the DFW American Marketing Association and VP of Ussery Printing Company in Irving, Texas.  He speaks at conferences on the importance of print as part of the marketing mix for digital and social media.

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7 Reasons Printing Delivers Results

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7 Reasons Printing Delivers Results

This article was published on 2011/10/05